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Thursday, December 28, 2006 

Give Yourself Success in 2007

Let 2007 Be Your Breakout Year...

Hi, I’m Madalyn Sklar of GoGirlsMusic.com and I am a music business coach, consultant and author. I have spent over 11 years working with a wide range of independent musicians, helping them get focused and energized. My goal is to help indie artists achieve greater success in the music business by working smarter not harder.

Aim High & Follow Your Dreams...

I’m interested in working with serious musicians who are looking to empower themselves and elevate their music career. If you are serious about your music career, call or email me.

Here is what some of my clients say about my services:

"Madalyn not only gives me unprecedented marketing strategies during our consultations, but she gets me thinking in a whole new direction."
- Tish Meeks

"Madalyn’s high-energy, can-do attitude was the shot that I needed to get me going!"
- Dave Sterling

"Madalyn has played a key role in helping me build a strong foundation for my music business."
- Amber Norgaard

You can get additional info as well as pricing at http://www.indiemusiccoach.com

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
I look forward to going the extra mile for you!

Rock on,
Madalyn Sklar
~providing one-on-one indie music consulting & coaching~

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    Madalyn Sklar is a music business coach & consultant, blogger, social networks expert and author. She has spent over 14 years helping independent musicians and music business professionals achieve greater success. Her motto is: working smarter not harder. She also founded GoGirlsMusic.com, the oldest + largest online community of indie women musicians.

    Madalyn's Sites:
    * GoGirlsMusic.com
    * Social Networks for Musicians
    contact: madalynsklar(at)gmail.com


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